Community Life


St Luke’s Church Hall is just around the corner from the Church on Saint Luke’s Place. It is overseen by a separate charity and aims to be a facility for the benefit of the Cheltenham community. It is available for hire at very reasonable rates and is considered to be an excellent local asset.

Further details about the facilities at St Luke’s Hall, and details about booking, can be found on the website.


St John’s is the church school of St Luke’s and the church seeks to work in close partnership and support with the children and staff at the school. Members of St Luke’s serve on the governors at St John’s, and also participate in assemblies through Open The Book which brings Bible stories to dramatic life. Our vicar leads collective worship fortnightly at St John’s and one of our interns volunteers each week offering additional support to pupils with English as a second language. We also welcome the whole school community to St Luke’s for regular services, such as Carols, Easter and the Leavers’ Service.

You can find out more about St John’s on their website by clicking here.


Cheltenham Street Pastors are a group of Christians from churches across the Cheltenham area who are a visible presence in the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights. They respond to problems by caring, listening, talking and offering practical support. Their Christian faith lies at the heart of what they do, but they aim to reassure the vulnerable, reduce the fear of crime, provide a listening ear and offer pastoral support, rather than preach.

A number of members of St Luke’s volunteer with Street Pastors. Some are actively out in the town centre late at night and into the early hours. Others are praying for the work that is going on.

The local Police Inspector has said that “Street Pastors help to make Cheltenham town centre a safe place. They act as a safety net to pick up vulnerable people who may be casualties of the night time economy”.

To find out more about Cheltenham Street Pastors click here.


Located in the parish of St Luke’s, Cheltenham YMCA provides accommodation and health and well being activities, rooted in the Christian ethos. Members of St Luke’s are involved in the work of the YMCA and out Youth & Community Intern, Naomi Shaw, is resident there, assisting in their work 2 days per week.

To find out more visit the YMCA website here



St Luke’s Church building is located opposite the hospital in the town centre. As a church family we are eager to provide a spiritual heart for workers, patients and visitors to the hospital. A number of our congregation volunteer as lay chaplains, under the supervision of the hospital chaplaincy team.

Each year St Luke’s hosts the Baby Remembrance Service led by the Hospital Chaplains and also the LINC service remembering loved ones.

Part of our vision, as followers of Jesus who brought healing and life, is to see St Luke’s available regularly as a space of spiritual refreshment for those working at or attending the hospital.